Give Thanks in all Circumstances

for this is the will of God

What does the CLC Tree represent?

The trunk of the tree is the cross, the pillar of the church.
The differently colored leaves mean that ALL are welcome here and their placement says that we reach out to everyone.
The top three leaves represent the Holy Trinity.
The roots are strong  and supportive, but also moving outward to nurture and grow.


Message from Pastor Andy

clc 2024

By Pastor Andy

Our second year in Lebanon, Pennsylvania Alissa and I set out to build a patio in our backyard. We wanted enough space for a large patio table, our grill, and maybe some potted plants or vegetables. When Spring had sprung and the snow had melted, we began to measure and stake out our patio. We had to figure out how big it would be, its elevation and slope, and what needed to move in order for it to go in. We made drawings, visited suppliers, and got quotes on supplies. Eventually we had a good idea of what we needed to do and how to do it. We wrote down our plans, looked them over, and then we started digging and building, finishing our patio in early June. We were incredibly proud of the finished product. We created a great space for entertaining and relaxing. 

Here at CLC we’ve done a lot of measuring, staking, and dreaming the past few years. At cottage meetings we’ve shared hopes and dreams. We’ve prioritized ministries. We’ve restructured through rewritten bylaws. The Long Range Planning Task Force has done an assessment and given us a reality check. Now, it’s time to make the plans to build CLC into what we want it to look like in five years.

 At the Sunday forum between services I’ll lay out for you CLC 2024, our five year plan for mission and ministry. It will be a blueprint for modest growth by focusing around our common task to Make Disciples. CLC 2024 focuses our ministries around our proven strengths, gifts, and passions as a congregation. The CLC church council has endorsed the plan and now it’s time to share it with all of you. Please plan to attend the forum so that you can help put the plan into action and we can grow our ministry together.

It’s no accident that we’ll unveil CLC 2024 on Stewardship Sunday. Our giving is for the growth of God’s Kingdom. Our giving is to Make Disciples. CLC is a community of faith that we all believe in. Through our common dedication and generosity we will make this plan a reality.

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We're looking for a dedicated individual to perform regular custodial duties such as mopping, sweeping, dumping trash, cleaning glass, vacuuming, and changing light bulbs as well as  set-up and clean-up for special events, move furniture and equipment as needed, provide excellent customer service to building staff and visitors plus other duties. If interested please contact the church office.

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