67th Annual

Pork & Sauer Kraut Supper October 12th

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What does the CLC Tree represent?

The trunk of the tree is the cross, the pillar of the church.
The differently colored leaves mean that ALL are welcome here and their placement says that we reach out to everyone.
The top three leaves represent the Holy Trinity.
The roots are strong  and supportive, but also moving outward to nurture and grow.


Picture Days: September 25-29

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Message from Pastor Andy


By Pastor Andy

You’ve probably heard me say, “I don’t like change.” Whenever Facebook or The Washington Post change the layout of their website I likely complain louder than anyone. Road closures and detours with unexpected traffic can set my days off on the wrong track. I don’t really like change.

As you read this in the newly updated sanctuary, you notice change. The flooring is new. There’s less carpet. Some wood tones are different. The space feels a lot more up to date. But it’s change. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t.

Next week Sunday morning worship continues with two services, but we changed the early service to start later in the day and shortened the time between services. More change. Starting September 18 we’re adding Refuel & Refresh Dinner Church on Wednesday evenings. More change.

More personal for me, in the last few weeks we went from a family of 3 to a family of 4 - ten weeks earlier than we had planned! Life now involves daily drives to the NICU at Children’s Hospital in St. Paul.

I've been thinking a lot about the many Bible passages about being ready – keeping our lamps trimmed and burning. Change is inevitable. God promises constant change and gives us grace to be ready for it. I think back to my days of playing offensive line on my high school football team. The bigger guy didn’t always win. The one who was ready, who was prepared, who was in a low stance, won.

There’s a lot of change around us, but thanks be to God who gives us abundant grace to be prepared to live into the change and eventually thrive in it.

Serving at CLC

Serving at CLC 

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Blizzard Bags contain 2 meals to be delivered by Meals on Wheels before a bad storm in case the regular hot meals can't be delivered.
You can support this mission by donating funds. $9.00 per bag provides; 2 cans of tuna or chicken, canned fruit, canned vegetables, crackers, 2 desserts and hot cocoa. You can make checks out to CLC with Blizzard Bags in the subject line.
Our goal is to fill 100 bags. 


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