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COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Effective Date: July 23, 2020

General Overview

Christ Lutheran Church has established a COVID-19 SMART Team to meet regularly and make recommendations for the safe use of the church and its activities and services. We recognize that the safety of our members, staff and the community is the highest priority and strive to make these recommendations in accordance to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines and recommendations, CDC guidelines, and other health expert guidance. We also recognize that the information and guidance is fluid and changing as we learn more about person-to-person COVID transmission, safe hygiene practices, and environmental controls.

CLC will strive to maintain a “minimal-touch” and safe environment for all users, while allowing for appropriate use of our spaces for certain approved activities. This means that all common surfaces, such as handrails, counters, doorknobs, etc. should be minimally touched. The church staff and membership are reminded that we have a “Social Contract” responsibility to be safe and conduct ourselves in a safe manner – especially out of respect for each other. This means knowing one’s own personal history and risks, trust in self-screening with appropriate social restraint with concern about health or exposure.

The MDH guidelines allows for up to 50% capacity / 250 people maximum capacity for religious organizations. As of July 25, 2020, people in Minnesota are required to wear a face mask or covering in all public indoor spaces when social distancing cannot be maintained (MN Executive Order 20-81.)

This preparedness plan will be regularly reviewed and updated as new evidence, guidelines, MDH rules and recommendations are developed.

View the full document and details on occupancy, safe distance practicing, masks, and more here.

The CLC Tree

The trunk of the tree is the cross, the pillar of the church.
The differently colored leaves mean that ALL are welcome here and their placement says that we reach out to everyone.
The top three leaves represent the Holy Trinity.
The roots are strong  and supportive, but also moving outward to nurture and grow.