Small Groups

Small groups bring people together for fellowship and spiritual growth. Typically, groups come together for 4-6 weeks two or three times each year. It's a great way to get to know people better and grow as a follower of Jesus. 

Stay tuned for information on our next small group session.

The European Reformations Class

Currently, Pastor Andy is teaching a class called "The European Reformations" on Wednesday evenings in May. If you missed some sessions you can find slide presentations and handouts below.

Session 1 Presentation

nota bene: The notes included are for your information, but were simply Pastor Andy's speaking notes and are not formatted, spell-checked, or otherwise edited. Please forgive the many errors.

Session 1 Handout

Session 2 Presentation (with narration)

Session 2 Handout 

Session 3 Presentation (correct narration begins around 1:20)

Session 3 Handout

Session 4 Presentation (with narration)

Session 4 Handout

Session 5 Presentation (with narration)

Session 5 Handout