Men's Ministries

We are excited to have a new Men's Ministry here at CLC! Please contact Dave Luethe at 651-788-7920 or Pastor Andy at 651-777-2881 for additional information and how to get connected with this group!

The CLC Men’s Ministry hosts a monthly men’s discussion group inviting all men, young or older to join us in a series of discussions about important issues of our time. These meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We have been meeting at church but we may move the location as desired if we want to incorporate a meal, either ahead of or after the discussion time.

We start at 6:30pm sharp. Try to arrive a few minutes early. We will end no later than 8:00 pm so you can get back home at a reasonable hour. We use TED Talk videos on selected topics as our basis for starting our discussions.

The goal of the discussion group is to listen to each other and respect each other’s perspective even when we might not fully agree with each other. We believe the Holy Spirit resides in each of us and we seek to hear and learn from each other to demonstrate to the world that we can benefit by listening to, and learning from each other.

Come join us and share your thoughts and ideas and listen to others as we learn and grow from each experience. Sample topics include (other topic suggestions are welcome):

Environmental changes and threats to society
Science and religion creation viewpoints
Christian faith under attack (press, in schools, public places etc) Faith in modern society
Incarceration of people
Threats to mainline churches as people shop for spiritual guidance.

The planning team for these group discussions included: Bob Sitko, Allan Kristenson, Loren Barber, Steve Kallevang, Jim Kelly, Pastor Andy and Dave Leuthe. Others are welcome to join in ongoing planning sessions.