Faith at Home

Faith at Home Resources for Families

As we find ourselves unable to gather at church, we pray that these resources will lead to faithful conversations in your homes! Growing in faith at home doesn’t need to be complicated! Choose one of the following and start slowly – give yourself grace and know that God is at work in your home and with your family! God’s blessings as you grow in faith together!

@Home Worship Options:

Christ Lutheran Worship:
Gather around CLC’s YouTube Channel for a 30-40 minute worship service that includes songs, scripture, children’s message, sermon and offering music. (Videos are posted at 9:00 am on Sunday mornings, but you can watch anytime!)

Questions to ask together as a family afterwards:

  • What is one thing that you learned from worship today?
  • What was your favorite song?

Is the story for today in our SPARK Story Bible? If so, read it together and answer the question at the end of the story!

Faith 5: Gather together as a family before bed and go through this routine.

  1. Share highs and lows for the day.
  2. Read a Bible story (you can work your way through a story Bible or a book of the Bible)
  3. Talk about the Bible story – Why do you think this story is included in the Bible? What is God teaching us through this story? How does it relate to our highs and lows for the day?
  4. Pray for each other’s highs and lows
  5. Bless each other by making the sign of the cross on each other’s foreheads and saying “You are blessed to be a blessing”, “Jesus loves you and so do I”, “You are a beloved child of God” or another blessing that you make up 

Forming faith doesn’t have to look like a church service or a Bible story. The way you talk together, laugh together, and meet challenges together forms faith

Check out this list of 35 Tech Free, Faith Forming, Fun Activities For Families to Do at Home 


@ Home Digital Options

YouTube Videos –
Faith Finders Fun – join children’s ministry professionals as they do fun experiments and talk about the Bible!

Podcasts –
Bible Besties – Funny retelling of Bible stories (better for older pre-teen / teenage youth)

Books for parents:

Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness

Sticky Faith Family Guide: Parenting is like riding a bike down a water slide. Exciting in theory, difficult in reality.

@Home Anti-Racism Resources for all ages click here


@Home Devotion Books -- a wonderful site with books and discussion guides for families!

Devotion books include:

Prayers for Faithful Families: Everyday Prayers for Everyday Life

Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible

All the Best Questions!: And Some Answers, Too

Don't Forget to Flush: A Bathroom Devotional for Kids

Spark Story Bible Psalm Book: Prayers and Poems for Kids

Spark Story Bible Devotions for Kids