Our Staff

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Sara Beekie

Administrative Assistant/Coordinator for Small Groups


My name is Sara Beekie and it is a joy and a blessing to be a part of the staff here at Christ Lutheran
Church. A little about myself: I am married to Raj, and we have three children: Sarita, Rajee and Mohan.
We also have 2 Siberian Forest cats, Alpha and Mu. I have worked in various church positions:
receptionist, business administrator, director of adult ministry, and interim children’s ministry
coordinator. I am also a singer, small group facilitator and a blogger-in-the-making. As a Pastor’s Kid (PK)
it feels like home working in a church environment. I look forward to meeting many of you in the days
and weeks ahead. Please stop by the church office and introduce yourself. I’ll end with 2 confessions: I
am a Green Bay Packer Fan and I love sauerkraut and pork!

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Jenni Geiser

Marketing Communications Coordinator


My family has been attending CLC for many years and we've been very happy here. I enjoy being a part of the Visual Arts Committee and participating in various small groups. Our two daughters, Greta and Lydia grew up here—learning, serving, growing in their faith and mainly, having fun. 

I'm happy to be able to use my Graphic Design background to give CLC a voice and a presence in our community and our world. 

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Andrea Zirbel

Director for Next Gen Ministries


Hello people of CLC!
I am so excited to serve as your Director of Youth Ministries!  I grew up in Watertown, South Dakota and attended undergrad at South Dakota State University. From there, I relocated to Los Angeles and began to work globally in the anti-human trafficking movement. I also led social justice based immersions for college students and church leaders in response to feeling called to empower the next generation of leaders. This calling led me to pursue my Masters in Global Urban Leadership from Bakke Graduate University, and currently I am completing my dissertation for Doctorate in Transformational Leadership, expected to graduate in June 2020.

Studying leadership has taken me on an incredible, challenging, and unexpected journey.  I am still passionate about social justice and want to help leaders on the frontlines embrace a transformative model of leadership. However, I have become increasingly convinced that the best way to help the world heal is through the youth. As a result, I have spent the past six years helping youth develop leadership skills, character, and critical thinking skills, and have led immersions for youth geared at understanding the complexities of poverty and privilege in our society. Our young people are up against so many challenges. I want to help them learn to navigate an increasingly complex world, and provide them with training and experiences that holistically prepare them for their journeys into adulthood. 

They say every youth needs 5 adults outside of their parents for optimal well-being in life. I look forward to being one of those 5 for your young people, and will do whatever I can to help support their journeys.